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Gambling Sites not on gamban
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Non Gamban Casinos

Once a player has signed up to Gamban news or any other self exclusion scheme , then there is no way to bypass Gamban. However, there are  a few limited non Gamban casinos. This is because the casinos are either American casinos or European casinos. These casinos however will accept UK players.

Gamban is predominantly UK based and therefore, these casinos are not obligated by law to register. However, their gambling licence does have strict regulations and permits the casinos to have responsible gambling support in place. These casinos also have bonus buys slots UK.

Gambling Sites Not On Gamban

Gamban is a software platform program that will ban all online gambling sites so players will not be able to gamble. The program is designed to ban all activity related to gambling and adult gaming entertainment. 

Many industries now automatically have software on their computers that ban gambling activities. Therefore, players with gambling habits can buy Gamban software to install on their own computers.

This technically bans any players from gambling and helps players recover from any gambling addiction. However, once this Gamban software is installed, it is very difficult to bypass Gamban. Therefore, many gamblers who longer need the Gamban service will need to seek other ways to gamble.

All UK casinos will ban gamblers who have signed up to Gamban. Therefore, players will need to gamble at gambling sites not on Gamban. Therefore, NonGamban sites are usually licensed by a European Gambling Authority.

If you join a casino not registered with Gamban they may offer no deposit bonuses. These casinos are non uk casinos that will allow UK players to sign up and bet. However, if a players has placed themselves on the Gamban register, then they will not be able to play at UK casinos.

Unfortunately, there is no way of removing Gamban. This is a security measure put in place by Gamban that restricts players from gambling on a device for at least one year. However, in some circumstances player may never be allowed to gamble again at some online casinos with the device registered with Gamban. Furthermore, the Gamban software can be very difficult to remove.

Yes, there are a few casinos that are not on Gamban. This is how to bypass Gamban. These casinos provide there own responsible gambling support and are therefore not part of Gamban. Furthermore, these casino swill accept UK players that have added their device to Gamban. This is the only option available if you have signed up to Gamban, as you will not be able to remove or delete Gamban. 

We have selected the best casino sites not on Gamban on our site. These casinos are all recommended if you have signed up to Gamban. The casinos we have selected all allow UK players to join. Furthermore, the casinos all have official gambling licenses, offer great bonuses and allow a variety of deposit methods. In addition to this, these casinos offer a wide selection of popular UK slot games not on Gamban. 

The casinos on this site allow players to sign up when on a device registered with Gamban. These casinos are the top casino sites not on Gamban. We highly recommend Rolletto Casino and Mr Sloty Casino as the top online casinos available. Furthermore, these casinos have great gambling platforms including a sportsbook and live slot games not on Gamban.

casinos not blocked by Gamban

Non Gamban Site

Magic Win Casino was established in 2023 and has become a great casino to play online megaways slots. Furthermore, the casino offers a great welcome bonus and offer free spins. In addition to this the casino offers free spins at every bonus on games such as Reel King.   The casino is registered in Curacao by the Curacao Gambling Authority. The casino will accept players on the Gamban register. This is because it is a casino not signed up to Gamban. This casino not registered with Gamban offers its own self-exclusion scheme support.Furthermore, it has huge variety of slot games and horse racing betting without affordability checks

casinos not on gamban

Non Gamban Site

Seven Casino has been around for a couple of years now and has built up a trusted reputation. The casino has many secure payment methods including credit cards and PaySafe. Overall, this is the best casino not part of Gamban for slots selection and live games such as Crazy Time. The casino provides all the top slot games from all the leading gaming providers. In addition, the casino has  live casino platform, mini games platform and a live sportsbook for horse racing. The casino is great for online slots and is a reputable casino not on Gamban. Furthermore, the casino has excellent variety of slot gaming providers. In addition, the casino accepts credit cards and cryptocurrency.

Gambling Sites not on gamban

Non Gamban Gambling

Goldenbet Casino has a massive selection of online slots to play. The casino get great reviews due to the amount of slots available. However, the casino also has a sportsbook and a live casino platform for poker and roulette. The casino accepts UK players and accepts credit cards allows cryptocurrency withdrawals.  Furthermore, the casino will accept players who have joined Gamban and allow players to bet when on Gamban. This is because the casino is not in connection with the Gamban software and instead offers its own support on responsible gambling.  Overall, Goldenbet is a top gambling site not on Gamban. It has a trusted gambling licence and a huge selection of slot games. The casino also provides as sportsbook for football not on Gamban.

Non Gamban Slots

Gamban operates through banning gamblers from accessing gambling sites through computer software. This software can be placed on either desktop or mobile devices. Furthermore, this software is easy to install and generally reliable. 

This means players will need to find a casino that has not signed up to Gamban to continue to gamble. Check out Winstler Casino for our recommended casino for slots not on Gamban.

Gamban Removal

Gambling can be a very serious addictive condition. Therefore, if players have a gambling problem, installing Gamban may be an ideal solution to overcome this. 

There are players that have used a Gamban software and now want to gamble again. Therefore, the way how to bypass Gamban is to gamble is to find a non Gamban casino. 

However, it is important players only use these casinos if they no longer have a gambling problem. There is no way you can remove Gamban once installed.

How To Bypass Gamban

Are you wondering if there is a way to bypass Gamban? Well, unfortunately, once you have signed your device up to the Gamban software then this can not be deleted. However, you can find casinos that are not on the Gamban programme. These casinos are not part of the Gamban scheme and will therefore still allow players to register and gamble. 

Non Gamban Bonuses

All Casinos on this site are not part of any self exclusion software program such as Gamban. These casinos are regulated by a overseas gambling commission and all hold a fully reputable gambling license. 

Most non-UK casinos are generally licenced by the popular Malta Gambling Authority. This is along with other recognised gambling institutes such as the Curacao Gambling Commission.

NonGamban casinos will allow UK players to register and play on their casinos and offer no deposit bonuses. Furthermore, all gambling sites not on Gamban will allow UK players to deposit funds in a variety of methods. Many casinos will allow deposits through debit card, credit card, paypal and more secure methods. In addition to this many UK casinos websites not on Gamban will also allow deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrency.

Gambling Responsibily

Gamban is commonly used as a parental control to keep children away from gambling sites. Yet, once Gamban is activated, adults wont be able to access and UK gambling site. This can be very frustrating if there are popular events players want to gamble on. For example, many gamblers may want to bet on the Grand National or another popular sports event.

Non Gamban Free Spins

Gambling sites not registered with Gamban generally offer high bonuses so players will sign up to join. Furthermore, these bonuses may be very lucrative compared to the average UK casino. This is because UK casinos generally have limits on what they are allowed to offer.

For players joining non Gamban sites, this can be a lucrative investment compared to UK casinos. This is because, many of these casinos offer reload bonuses and up to three deposits. In addition, these casinos also offer free spins not on Gamban for first time depositing players.

Deposit Methods

There are many ways in which players may deposit funds with casinos that are not on Gamban. Many UK sites not on Gamban will not allow deposits using credit cards or crypto. However, these gambling sites not registered with Gamban will allow both. In addition, other secure payment methods are also available. 

Credit Cards Deposits
gambling not on gamban

Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted at casinos not in association with the Gamban tool. This is a huge reason why many UK players tend to play at the these casinos not part of the Gamban scheme.  This is because the UK government banned all UK players from depositing funds using credit cards in 2020.

Casinos That Accept Crypto - Non Gamban

Crypto casino sites will allow deposits and withdrawals to a cryptocurrency wallet. However, the types of crypto coins usually only liable to withdraw to are Bitcoin and Ethereum. However some casino not signed up to Gamban will allow Litecoin as well. Crypto is becoming a popular method to withdraw winnings and will only increase in time. this is why many players are seeking more crypto casinos online. 

non gamban casino
crypto casinos not on Gamban
Gamban vs Gamstop

Gamblock is a slightly different tool to Gamban. However, it does a similar job to Gamban as it blocks players from accessing casinos online. 

The software works by redirecting the player back to the software website when trying to access the casino site online. For example, If you try to visit an online gambling site, then the software will redirect you away from the site and to the home page of the software operator.  This software is bought and does have an expiry date. 

However, whilst the software is in use, you will not be able to visit any casinos online. It uses advanced software to block the gambling site and will not allow you to visit.


There are a few self exclusion schemes and tolls to ban you from online casinos. However, how to know which is the best? There are so many different options now to ban you from gambling. Gamban will ban you from joining any casino on the device you registered with the Gamban software. 

However, Gamstop has a more effective approach, as it bans you completely. What we mean by this is that Gamstop will ban you from visiting any online casino site regardless of what device you try with. This is because this software informs all online casinos that you have joined their self exclusion scheme. 

The scheme provides your personal details to al the online casinos informing them not to let you join. This scheme lasts at least one year as a minimum. However, it is common for online casinos, especially the popular casinos, to never allow you back on their site. 

This is why this self exclusion scheme is criticised by many who have signed up to it in the past. Therefore, in conclusion, Gamstop is more strict and more controlling, however does have its faults and you may never be allowed to come off it. 

Whilst Gamban is less effective, however it will not ban you from gambling forever. Gamban can be seen as more of an extended time-out period, which most players prefer. However, Gamstop still remains more popular of the self exclusion tools to ban yourself from gambling. 

Responsible Gambling with Gamban

Gamban self exclusion is designed to give players support with responsible gambling. It is possible that Gamban could be the most comprehensive and most effective of all self exclusion schemes.

When a brand new casino is released online it may be possible for some self exclusion tools to not ban that casino. This is due to the casino being brand new and the software not being update at the new online casino site. 

However, with the Gamban software, this simply is not possible. this is because the ban is on the device related to the player and not the actual online casino. 

The Gamban self exclusion tool has the ability to identify brand new websites as soon as they are released on the web. Furthermore, the Gamban software on the device acts as a secondary measure to block the site from appearing.

Therefore, there are pros and cons to getting around Gamstop than what it may be to get around Gamban.

PaySafe Casinos Not On Gamban

PaySafe casinos will allow deposits using a PaySafe card. This is a secure payment method, and therefore, gives players that security when depositing funds. The PaySafe deposit option is becoming more popular with casinos not regulated by Gamban. However, we recommend Rolletto casino and MyStake casino if wanting to deposit using a PaySafe card.

What Are The Company Advantages To Using Gamban?

Many players who gamble online gamble whilst in the workplace. This may be during work or on their break. Players who have an addictive personality and are addicted to gambling may feel themselves gambling more often. 

This may mean that they start to gamble in work on a work computer. Therefore, companies may install the Gamban self exclusion tool on all work devices. This will then prevent all employees from gambling whilst at work. 

Many companies install Gamban without the knowledge of any gambling problems within the company. Furthermore, Gamban may be installed on public computers, which the general public have access to. 

Is it worth joining a non Gamban Casino?

Anyone who has a problem with gambling online should really install software such as Gamban to protect them from gambling further. It is important to always keep gambling under control and to always gamble responsibly.  

However, if you have previously installed Gamban and now think you are ready to gamble again, this may be very difficult. The only option may be to join a non Gamban casino. These casinos are quite common now. 

However, it is important to o your research first to find the best casinos not on Gamban. Not all online casinos can be trusted, therefore it is important that the casino holds an official gambling licence. 

This is usually listed on the casino site at the bottom of their site. It is important players look for this licence and more importantly the licence number. This will indicate that the casino is legit and trustworthy. 

Is it worth joining a non Gamban Casino?

There are many slots available when playing at a casino that does not operate under Gamban. Slots not on Gamban include NetEnt slots, Starburst slots and more. All popular slots found at a UK casino site are also available. These non Gamban slots include popular slots such as Red Tiger slots, Monopoly slots and fruit machine slots. Casinos including Gododds and Seven Casino offer all popular online slots. There are also other casinos when looking how to bypass Gamban.

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